Guardians of the World Gates : The Watcher at Crow Forest-9781839755729

Guardians of the World Gates : The Watcher at Crow Forest

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By: Elliot, Susanna
Format: Paperback / softback
Published By: Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
Date of Publication: 7/1/21
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781839755729
Dimensions in mm: 149 x 215 x 13
Description: There's a World Gate in Crow Forest. World Gates can only be seen for three nights in midsummer when a Guardian Circle is needed to protect the entrance to the mysterious Secret Worlds at the time of opening. Jay and Jill are staying at Crow Forest Farm when they notice strange happenings. What are Uncle Sam and Auntie Mo getting up to at the dead of night? Who made the large footprints in the forest? Why are the talking crows arriving? And who or what is The Watcher? A walk in the forest with the dogs Sniffy and Finn and the little cat Sharp turns into an adventure when in a clearing Jay finds something hiding in the roots of a tree. Little do they know that being near the World Gate has turned on special mind-sensing powers - for all of them. With these Talents they can join a Guardian circle - but can they seal the World gate and prevent a disaster in Crow Forest?