This Book Can Read Your Mind-9780711241442

This Book Can Read Your Mind

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By: Lloyd, Susannah
Format: Hardback
Published By: Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Date of Publication: 07/01/2020
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780711241442
Classification: Interest age: from c 3 years
Dimensions in mm: 283 x 241 x 10
Description: This book can READ YOUR MIND. I will just need you to think of something, but whatever you do, don't think of anything SILLY. You know, like a pink elephant... When the page is turned, sure enough, a pink elephant appears! This hilarious interactive book plays on the idea that when you're told NOT to think of something, somehow it is all you can think about. The book begins with a scientist switching on an incredible new invention - a mind-reading machine! All you need to do is look hard at the book and try to stay still. As he fiddles with the buttons, he tells you it will just need a moment or two to focus. He points out a dial that carefully monitors for any dangerous levels of silliness. After you accidentally make the pink elephant, then multiple pink elephants, appear, what if the scientist tells you not to think of the elephants on unicycles playing the tuba? Or wearing silly underpants?! Or something even ruder than that...?! As the book continues, and more and more silliness ensues, the scientist is distraught but there is plenty of fun in store for the reader. With bright, engaging illustrations and laughs galore, both children and adults will enjoy returning to this story again and again. 'Our 4yo's response to this at story time involves much jumping around in giddy anticipation of the next page turn.' - parent review