Listos!  2 Rojo Pupils Book-9780435429607

Listos! 2 Rojo Pupils Book

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By: Kolkowska, Ana
Format: Paperback / softback
Published By: Pearson Education Limited
Date of Publication: 23/06/2003
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780435429607
Classification: Educational: Languages other than English
Dimensions in mm: 262 x 194 x 7
Description: Listos! pupil books develop the use and understanding of Spanish by providing straightforward explanations of the way the language works, alongside motivating, stepped activities. It's a lively, topic-based approach, underpinned by clear, grammatical foundation. Short, two-page units show pupils exactly what is required of them and make lesson planning easy. Enjoyable, stepped activities build confidence and understanding and enable you to control the pace and level of pupils' work. Simple grammar explanations, and lots of opportunities for grammar practice help you to provide an integrated approach to teaching the language. End-of-module revision tests and checklists provide further ways to assess progress. Special sections of the book provide help in key areas such as coursework and speaking practice.