Sword Art Online, Vol. 15 (light novel)-9780316390491

Sword Art Online Vol. 15 (light novel)

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By: Kawahara, Reki
Format: Paperback / softback
Published By: Little, Brown & Company
Date of Publication: 11/12/18
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780316390491
Dimensions in mm: 205 x 138 x 17
Description: Adminstrator's defeat hascome at a heavy cost: The death of Eugeo as well as the mental decline ofKirito. Six months after the epic battle atop Central Cathedral, Kirito spendshis days in the Underworld wheelchair-bound; bereft of emotion or even a will tolive. Although Alice and Bercouli do what they can to help him, it isn't longbefore the armies of the dark territory are start to move in earnest. The "FinalStress Test" has begun. But will Kirito be ready?9780316398718After the school fair endsand summer begins, Team Enfield starts special training to prepare for thefive-against-five Gryps. Ayato and his friends are a favorite in thecompetition, but Galaxy is about to make its move...