Big Sister : Ruby and the New Baby-9780241561522

Big Sister : Ruby and the New Baby

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By: DK
Format: Board book
Published By: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Date of Publication: 6/1/22
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 978241561522
Dimensions in mm: 211 x 21 x 19
Description: A touching story about Ruby, an adorable and slightly spoilt little girl, who quickly realises that becoming a big sister isn't always fun. Ruby is three years old and is an only child. She is a little bit spoilt and is used to being the centre of attention in her family. But things are about to change, Ruby is going to have a new brother or sister soon. Ruby is excited - but when her baby brother, Raj, is born, she realises that being a big sister isn't as fun or easy as she had expected... Big Sister is a perfect introduction to the idea of getting new sibling, for little ones aged -3. This beautiful picture book teaches children about the challenges and emotions that they can face when they get a new baby sister. The heartwarming story of Big Sister: Ruby and the New Baby features:- A wonderful introduction to having a new baby sister or brother- Stunning illustrations accompany a heart-warming story- An encouraging message that promotes discussion between adults and children- An opportunity for parents and children to spend time reading together before the new baby arrivesIt can be difficult for little ones to welcome a new baby sister, so it's important for families to talk about the tricky topic. Big Sister: Ruby and the New Baby gives parents a chance to discuss the topic and gently introduce toddlers to the idea of having a new sibling. Children can also ask lots of questions about being a big sister (or brother) when bringing a new baby into the family.