This Is How We Get Ready : For Little Kids Going To Big School-9780241502648

This Is How We Get Ready : For Little Kids Going To Big School

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By: DK
Format: Board book
Published By: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Date of Publication: 16/09/21
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780241502648
Dimensions in mm: 179 x 179 x 10
Description: Is your little one preparing to go to BIG school? This handy guide helps teach the new morning routine for starting school. Before you head off for school don't forget to pack your bag and clean your teeth! Help familiarise your little ones with how to get ready for school on their own in the mornings. There's so much to learn when you're little - especially during busy mornings before going to school. This book makes learning their new routine fun and easy. Inside of the pages of this going to school book, you'll find:- Important skills to become self-sufficient explained in a fun gentle way- Each part of the daily routine to get ready for school is presented visually with bright and attractive illustrations- Encourages children to practice their new skills and try out what they are learning in the real world- Includes a handy morning checklist to make sure everyone is ready to step out of the door!- A fun and interactive way for parents to introduce the new routine for children starting nursery schoolRise and shine! Start the day by getting out of the right side of the bed with positive affirmations, then make sure to have a healthy breakfast. Don't forget the importance of self-care - wash your face, brush your hair, and clean your teeth. This first experiences book for children is a great way to encourage independence and responsibility. Includes a morning checklist to make sure all school bags are packed and everyone is ready to go. Complete the seriesDK's This is How We series is an exciting range of early learning books for preschoolers that explain key concepts, first experiences and life skills. Look out for This is How We Make Friends, This is How We Eat Well, and This is How We Stay Safe to help your little ones grow confident to move about in the wider world.