Ocean : Facts at Your Fingertips-9780241477908

Ocean : Facts at Your Fingertips

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By: DK
Format: Paperback / softback
Published By: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Date of Publication: 03/06/21
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780241477908
Dimensions in mm: 97 x 129 x 16
Description: Explore all the wonders of the ocean in one pocket-sized reference guide!From colossal whales to microscopic plankton, our vast oceans are teeming with a wide range of weird and wonderful plants and animals. This beautifully illustrated reference guide is perfect for budding explorers aged 9-12 to discover the secrets of this underwater kingdom! In this go-to reference guide, you'll find:- A clear, informative introduction to oceans - what they are, what creatures they hold, how they affect climate, and how humans are changing them - Divided into chapters based on habitats, from the coastline to the ocean floor - Presents information in bite-sized chunks for both avid and reluctant readers, supported by artworks that explain difficult concepts in a simple wayWith nearly 97% of the planet's water held in the oceans, there is an incredible variety of creatures that call the ocean home. This mini-encyclopedia explores all the different marine habitats from tidal pools, salt marshes, coral reefs and ocean floor ridges to name a few. Curious kids interested in the seven seas will also learn about how oceans are formed, what causes tsunamis and typhoons and how tidal waves are used to generate electricity. This beautifully illustrated reference guide is also the perfect introduction to ocean conservation. Young readers can explore the ways marine experts are working to ensure the survival of our oceans in the wake of global warming. Amazing photography paired with simple information makes Pocket Eyewitness Ocean perfect for all budding explorers!