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Sky Hawk

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By: Lewis, Gill
Format: Paperback / softback
Published By: Oxford University Press
Date of Publication: 9/9/21
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 97819278782
Dimensions in mm: 197 x 13 x 19
Description: Callum and his friends find Iona poaching on Callum's farm. She is not supposed to be there, but Callum feels bad about chasing her away. He finds her shivering in the woods, refusing to leave. There is a secret hidden in the forest above the dark waters of the loch, and Iona is its guardian. When she decides to trust Callum with it, they form an indestructible bond that will change Callum's world forever... And then I saw it. I saw the secret hidden in our valley. No one else knew about it. Just me, and Iona. Firstly published ten years ago to critical acclaim, Sky Hawk has been captivating readers ever since.