Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Evilness of Pizza-9780192738257

Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Evilness of Pizza

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By: Dougherty, John
Format: Paperback / softback
Published By: Oxford University Press
Date of Publication: 01/01/2015
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780192738257
Classification: Humorous stories (Children's / Teenage)
Dimensions in mm: 184 x 134 x 14
Description: Psst! Psst! Psssssst!!! OI, YOU!! Do you want to know a secret? Well? Do you? It's a good one . . . honest. You'll never believe it. It's so unbelievably unbelievable and soooooo secret. You have to promise not to tell ANYONE. Well? Do you? Cross your heart and hope to die (or at least pass out for a few minutes). OK . . . here goes. You know those badgers? You'll never guess what they've been up to this time . . . With more twists and turns than a pizza delivery guy on an oil slick, this amazing adventure will leave you hungry for more (pizza) . . .