Tucker the turtle

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Austin Macauley Publishers
26 pages - 216 x 280 x 6mm
Enter inside this picture book to join in on a day with Tucker and his friends. Enjoy a visual feast of gorgeous colors in a beautiful pond setting surrounded by tropical plants, cute animals, butterflies, and charming bugs. Your child will have many questions on all they see and learn of all the wonderful creatures we have in this enchanting world. Share their experiences as Tucker interacts with them throughout the day. Share playtime, a dip in the pond, and lunch. You will also learn how animals watch and protect one another, bringing comfort to all in their tight little ecosystem they call 'home'. There is a joyous surprise ending as Tucker's life changes to one with more purpose, fulfillment, and love. The day will be like no other and will become a yearly celebration. You will adore the outcome, so please venture in and celebrate this fun-filled, happy and magical day.
Suzanne Morales is an Emmy Award-winning artist. She resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she was born and raised. Suzanne has a bachelor's degree in art from California State University, Los Angeles. Early in her career, she was an architectural graphic designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, designing work for the theme parks. Working for Disney introduced her to many Disney legends who she worked side by side with. Those who see her illustrations can recognize the Disney influence in her work. Following Disney, Suzanne entered the television industry and worked for many stations including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and KTLA, primarily as a computer artist for news. She also did cartoon illustrations for the game show, Classic Concentration, a Mark Goodson production hosted by Alex Trebek. This children's book is her first as an author/illustrator.
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