The Very Nice Family

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Belle Isle Books
36 pages - 254 x 178 x 6mm

There once was a very nice family, with a Mommy, a Daddy, and two young boys. They were very busy, with church and school and work and sports, but something was missing. Was it a dog? No, it wasn't a dog. Finally, the Mommy figured it out: what they were missing was a little girl!

Join the very nice family as they bring a baby girl into their home and hearts, learning to rely on God's plan as she grows into her own person. Based on author Diane Forti's true life adoption story, The Very Nice Family reminds readers that love is full of surprises!

Diane Forti has been a registered nurse for thirty-one years and currently works in hospice care. Diane and her husband, Ken, have a combined family including twelve grandchildren whom they are very close to. The Very Nice Family is her second book, and number three, Liam's Big Heart, is in the works.
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