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Phonics for Letters and Sounds Red B Band Set: Band 2B/Red B

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Collins Big Cat Sets
Ensure a secure start to every child's reading journey in Reception/P1 and Year 1/P2 with fully decodable fiction and non-fiction books expertly aligned to the Letters and Sounds progression.The Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds Red B Set contains 1 copy of every Phonics for Letters and Sounds title available within Band 2B/Red B. A built-in 20% discount on the price is included. The Red B Band Set contains the following 38 books:Fiction:Pink Boat, Pink CarA Bee on a LarkWow Cow!Shoot a HoopRobin HoodThe HopperAimee and the TabletLee and the BoxThe Power CutFinn Feels BetterJack and ZainA Job for the DogToo Hot!Sid the SheepOff to Town!Nipper and GullI Look for MarkMeena and the RabbitMix Up On the FarmNon-fiction:Get Set for FunIt is HiddenLook at Them GoDown the RiverPack for a PicnicIt is a FoxFood on the FarmRock PoolsAn Animal Park KeeperHigher and HigherRoots and ShootsOdd FishOwls in the NightDown to UpSun and RainZoom to the MoonIs it Magnetic?Bees!
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