Mermicorns #3: The Invisible Mix-Up. A Stepping Stone Book (TM)

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Part unicorn, part mermaid, and totally magical! Don't miss this exciting new chapter book series from the author of the popular Purrmaids series!

Mermicorns Sirena and Lily are learning amazing magic at school. When they take a field trip to the library, they learn how to make things disappear! Sirena is excited to try some new spells. But turning invisible isn't just fun . . . it's dangerous! Especially when you don't read all the rules first. Are the two friends ready for such powerful magic?

The Mermicorns chapter book series is perfect for readers who love magic and adventure in series like Unicorn Academy, Purrmaids, and more.
SUDIPTA BARDHAN-QUALLEN is also the author of the Purrmaids chapter book series and Disney's Merida chapter books. She written many picture books, including Hampire!; Duck, Duck, Moose!; and Pirate Princess. She lives with her family in New Jersey. Visit her online at or follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @SudiptaBQ.

VIVIEN WU has illustrated several books with Random House and Disney Publishing, including five Little Golden Books. She also has an online shop, where she creates more artwork populated by purrmaids and feline-folk. She lives in Los Angeles with her cat, Mimi. Visit her online at
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