Curious Lists

Lists for curious kids. Animals

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Macmillan Children's Books
128 pages - 287 x 212 x 17mm
Curious Lists
This compelling, mind-blowing book of lists about the wonderful world of animals is un-put-down-able! Filled with details on topics from the most shudder-inducing bugs and the most popular breeds of cat to which animals can't fart and how to escape from dangerous forest animals, this will be a must-have book in every child's collection! The pages are beautifully illustrated with the colourful and intricate artwork of popular illustrator Caroline Selmes. A great gift purchase but also a book to buy for yourself!
Tracey Turner has written more than seventy books, most of them for children, on subjects including inventions, the universe, famous writers, rude words and deadly perils. Many have become bestsellers. She is also an editor, and she worked on the Horrible Histories series for many years. She lives in Bath, UK, with Tom and their son, Toby.
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