Jungle tales by moonlight

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Austin Macauley Publishers
50 pages - 203 x 203 x 13mm
This book is a collection of short stories inspired by tales from the author's grandmother in the mid '70s West Africa. Aside from the interesting storyline that comes alive with illustrations, these stories have been re-enacted with tools like language, humour and moral values to highlight a rich Ibo cultural heritage. The author hopes that children, and indeed young minds all over the world, would enjoy the juicy stories told to the village children in an electrifying atmosphere, as much as the Ibo children did themselves. This is the first book of the Jungle Tales by Moonlight series. Learn more @ https://azukaokonkwo. ampbk. com/
The author is a Nigerian-born solicitor residing in the UK with his family - wife and three children. With a natural flair for writing, the author retells the stories more robustly, highlighting simplicity, humour, values and important moral lessons taught by them. This is the author's first book. He is currently a social work postgraduate student at the London Metropolitan University.
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