Chittle Bit Lilly

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Austin Macauley Publishers
54 pages - 203 x 127 x 10mm
In the normal world, the state of the environment is becoming a major problem. This is not so in 'Chittle Bit Lilly'. Nothing is normal there. It is an upside-down, inside-out village where Lee and the animal warriors live. Using their magic, their mission is to clean up the surrounding environment outside of Chittle Bit Lilly, at the same time helping their animal friends. A magical dome protects them from the normal world and no one can see them. But it's not that easy as they all soon find out. 'Stay still!' demanded Siggy, one of the spindlers. 'Look,' she said, flicking her head sideways. Everyone turned around and noticed a hazer staring at them. 'She can see us,' Itty, one of the squeakers, spoke. 'Whoops!' Bitty and Boo squeaked. Find out what happens to the animal warriors and their helpers as they try to complete their mission.
Linda Loveridge was born in the Midlands. She has four children who grew up listening to her made-up stories. She moved to Florida where she became a manager of a bookstore. Combining her love for nature, animals, magic and storytelling, she began to write. After fourteen years she moved back to the UK and retired to Leicestershire in her cottage in the countryside. Linda has various diplomas in holistic therapy but after her son died she concentrated mostly on her writing.
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