Time to sleep stories

Adventure in Dino-Land

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Onion Custard Publishing
216 x 216mm
Time to sleep stories
Take a journey back to prehistoric times, to the land of dinosaurs. Strolling across the ancient landscape you see a strange shape in the sky, flying towards you. This is Terri, and she is a very friendly pterodactyl. She lands by your side and you marvel at the sheer size of this magnificent creature. Terri takes you for a ride on the safety of her back through the wondrous, ancient skies and you see dinosaurs of all kinds way below you. As the pterodactyl's wings beat up and down you begin to feel so calm and peaceful as you relax to the rhythm of the flight. Your journey takes you over a wonderful lake where Terri flies down low over the water and her wings skim the lake's surface. But wait… there's another treat in store. Terri has a special event that she wants to share with you. It's a very rare privilege and something that humans don't get to see. Can you guess what it is?
Introduction WARNING! How to Use This Book Music to Accompany the Series Time to Sleep Stories App The Importance of a Regular Bedtime Routine The Science of Sleep The Small Print The Story (no illustrations)
Mark Hume-Jones was taught to write a TV script by Gerry Anderson, legendary producer of Thunderbirds. Mark has created TV pilots (Starwatch) and been involved in more productions including Scott Saunders In Outer Space with Patrick Moore, Crudney & Co, Merlin's Memories and The Twitchies. He is an expert on rock music and has written for Guinness and Virgin Encyclopaedias of Popular Music and a history of film and television locations.
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